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5125 Preston Avenue
Houston, Texas 77505

281.487.6767 | 281.487.5566 fax

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Biz Oxygen was created to provide a breath of fresh air in digital marketing solutions.

Biz Oxygen has multiple goals for your company — create influence, develop your message and build your marketing mix so that you are accessible to your consumers at every level of the buying process.

Our pimary services include the following:

Web DevelopmentSocial Media DevelopmentE-Newsletter CampaignOnline Marketing Strategy

Other capabilities include the following:

Brand DevelopmentPrint Materials

Our History

When John Manlove and Leah Manlove Howard created Biz Oxygen in 2009, a DBA of John Manlove Marketing & Communications (JMMC), it was developed to serve small businesses in the Houston Metropolitan area. As the company grows it will employ local interns and contract graphic designers to work under an award-winning Creative Director. The idea is to bridge the gap between art school and the corporate world.

Leah Manlove Howard, President/Marketing Consultant

Leah has become a respected expert and consultant on emerging trends in technology…

“We can’t pick up a magazine these days without seeing the words: Web. Social media. Social network. Mobile applications. Consumer videos. And the list goes on… Emerging trends in technology and new developments in the way consumers are marketed to will affect the way we market. Continuing to educate, train and present innovative technologies and applications to our clients is what has kept JMMC successful for over 40 years and we plan to duplicate that same philosophy at Biz Oxygen. We have built our reputation on our capability to use leading edge marketing technologies for our clients in an evolving marketplace. We have found it extremely valuable to leverage partnerships with emerging companies that are leading the industry in their respective trade.”

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Katie Johnson, Interactive Director

Katie Johnson is an award-winning designer that not only creates to the client’s needs and desires but also understands the logistics of making your interactive solution work…

“Every year we get to see articles and tabloids reviewing the previous year and predicitions on what is to come. As designers, we wonder what will change and what new trends will emerge in graphic design and programs made we didn't even know we needed. We must be aware of what is happening in our industry and finding a good balance between trends and traditional design. We have found that designing to the client and target market is what works. There may be elements of traditional design with modern tools and architecture but in the end visits must convert to sales. My job is getting the emotional and functional benefits of your brand/product across to the consumer.”

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